At The Tropical Fruit Tribe, we’re all about educating the next generation of Aussies on the power of living tropical. That means healthy eating, whole foods and an active life.

As part of this mission, we are helping Aussie parents by providing better food options for their children and supporting healthy eating education at home.

We deliver on these goals three way: education, convenience and healthy options.


The adventures our tribe characters have not only engage children but help Aussie moms make eating healthy fun! We educate through our publications and snack lines, and provide our favourite hand picked recipes to try.


Our curated snack pack subscriptions are packed full of healthy options that are suited for families with special dietary requirements and full of nutrition and convenience for busy parents.

Healthy Options

Our range of healthy snacks, not only provide Aussies families with better whole food snack options, but also each items contains education to support a healthier lifestyle over time.


You can purchase through our online store and at the store listed here on our contact page!
We only use wholesome organic produce to create our snacks and delicious flavours. Our snacks have been chosen as they are as close to the way nature intended, made for our convenience to also heal and nourish you and your family.
There is a minimum shelf life of 6 months but please check each package for the best before date.
You can contact The Tropical Fruit Tribe through email for further information.
The Tropical Fruit Tribe likes to race each other up and down the beach. Click the KIDZ ZONE in our menu above to find more fun activities and see what mischief the tribe gets up to.

The Tribeosophy

Unfortunately, in today’s busy society of convenience and endless options, somehow the value of whole foods and healthy choices has been lost.

In theory, everyone knows they should eat healthy and provide nutritious options for their families…but what does that even mean?And are the things in the supermarket that are labelled ‘healthy’…even healthy?

We just don’t know what we don’t know…and we are doing the best we can.

Well, that’s where The Tropical Fruit Tribe comes in.

We grew from the belief that simplicity in food can be delicious. It can be nutritious. It can be filling. And it can be convenient.

We’ve not only created a blog full of educational tips, tricks and recipes, but also a set of fun characters to help engage your children at the earliest stage of their life and learning so they can build a positive relationship with healthful eating for the rest of their life.

So please, check out our recipes, our blog, our amazing KIDZ ZONE and make sure to opt into our monthly Tribe Cast where we deliver our fantastic content directly to your inbox.