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Hey there tribe!

Welcome to the very first Tropical Fruit Tribe wholefood adventure blog post!

On this wonderful adventure together, we will navigate around and explore a range of ideas, facts and issues surrounding one of our most important, very enjoyable needs that we focus on everyday that is food and eating!

There is so much information out in the world about the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to nutrition and eating ‘healthy’. With increasing concerns around disease, growing obesity rates, diabetes and food intolerances in adults and children, it’s no wonder food and health have become such an obsession and a very hot topic!

More people are waking up, joining the food revolution and making better choices with the food they are consuming because there is easy access to real information about food available on social media sites. This is fantastic! But it is also important to recognise that there is a lot of media out there that doesn’t really help in clearing the facts as most of the time it is unclear which large corporations are supporting and funding research, advertising and reports that warp public perception.

It really is so confusing!

So do we blame the fats? Do we blame the carbs? Is it the sugar or dairy we are consuming? And what are all those toxic chemicals that are being used on and in our food, what effects do they have? And are they really safe?

Through our adventure together we want to empower and inspire you through knowledge and awareness about the everyday foods that you encounter so that you are able to make more informed, conscious decisions about the food you choose to feed yourself and your family.

If this sounds like something that tickles your fancy and you take an interest in giving you and your family the best care because you understand the need for real, healthy, nutritious food to be happy, and full of energy and vitality, then you are in the right place!

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Adventure on!

Tribe Leader


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