We believe in educating Australia about the importance of wholefood. After all, you are what you eat!
Join us on a Wholefood Adventure – full of important insights and a whole heap of fun!

At The Tropical Fruit Tribe, we’re all about educating the next generation of Aussies on the power of living tropical. To us this means being active, making healthy, informed choices and eating a wholefood diet.

As part of this mission, we are proud to offer Aussie parents alternative snack options for their kids and support healthy eating education at home.


Your kids will love hearing about the adventures of The Tropical Fruit Tribe characters! We educate children through animations, activities, and posters. Parents can also stay informed through our blog.


Our snacks are full of nutritious wholefood and are convenient for busy parents. Order your own selection or try a monthly snack pack subscription from our store -free from nuts, dairy, gluten and with no added sugar or sweeteners, just natural fruit – frozen!


We believe all foods should be eaten as close to the way nature intended. Our range of healthy snacks provide families with simple, delicious wholefoods that energise and satisfy hunger any time of the day.

The Tribeosophy

In today’s busy society of convenience and endless options, the value of wholefood and healthy choices has been lost.

In theory, everyone knows they should eat healthy and provide nutritious options for their families…but what does that even mean?
What is wholefood? And are the things in the supermarket that are labelled ‘healthy’…even healthy?

This is where The Tropical Fruit Tribe can help!

We grew from the belief that simplicity in food can be delicious, nutritious, satisfying and convenient.

We’ve not only created a blog full of educational tips, tricks and recipes, but also a set of fun characters to help engage your children
so they can build a positive relationship with healthful eating for the rest of their life.

So check out our recipes, blog and very cool KIDZ ZONE
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A note from The Tribe Leader

Hi there!
My name is Lisa and I am the founder and creator of The Tropical Fruit Tribe. I am so excited to share my passion to connect the world with an understanding of wholefood nutrition and to make this accessible from your own home.

This idea was inspired by my childhood growing up in Papua New Guinea. Seeing our food growing in the garden, and being hand picked & prepared for meals gave me an intrinsic appreciation for where food came from. I understood the delicate balance of the ecosystem required and dynamic connection with the earth.

I was also moved by my recent discovery about the harmful effects of processed sugar, artificial sweeteners, chemical additives and food dyes found hidden in processed foods, inspiring me to present a solution to the problem.

Nutrition is a vital part of living and I believe everyone has the right to be aware of where their food and the ingredients they consume come from or how it energises their body.

I created The Tropical Fruit Tribe to empower our community with wholefood knowledge delivered in a fun, creative way that everyone can understand. From little kids to big kids, I believe everyone can be make better decisions when it comes to food so we can all taste the natural flavours our world provides us.

So join me on a Wholefood Adventure… there’s so much more to come.